Plan de acción de conservación integrada de las Magnolias (Magnoliaceae) amenazadas de República Dominicana

Magnolia domingensis - M. hamorii - M. pallescens


5 August 2018




The Dominican Republic’s threatened Magnolias – Magnolia domingensis (CR), M. hamorii (EN) and M. pallescens (EN) – occur in cloud forests, from 1,200-2,080 m above sea level of the island’s central and southeastern parts. The species are at risk of extinction primarily as a result of indiscriminate felling for timber exploitation, forest fires, construction of summer holiday huts, as well as conversion of native forests to land for agriculture and livestock grazing. To address these threats, this integrated conservation action plan was produced by Fundación Para el Mejoramiento Humano (PROGRESSIO) and Jardín Botánico Nacional Dr. Rafael M. Moscoso, in collaboration with BGCI.

Plan Accion Conservacion Integrada Magnolias Republica Dominicana