Magnolia Propagation Working Group meetings


20 July 2022




Propagation of plants for the development of genetically representative ex situ collections or for robust introduction or population reinforcement plantings in the wild can be a key part of conserving threatened Magnolia species. Various biological and technical barriers to propagation can occur and hinder the progress of those working to conserve species.

The GCCM has initiated a Magnolia Propagation Working Group to create an opportunity for discussion and exchange of experiences on propagation of Magnolia species with the goal of contributing to the conservation of globally threatened species. This working group will meet regularly to hear from experts, host open, guided discussions and produce valuable resources on the propagation of Magnolia species. If you would like to join future meetings, please ensure that you are signed up to the GCCM to receive notifications. You can view the previous meeting recordings and associated presentation slides on this page.


July 2022

Magnolia Cutting Propagation - Ethan Guthrie
Magnolia Breeding and Seed Propagation Techniques - Kevin Parris