Global Conservation Gap Analysis of Magnolia


30 April 2022




The Global Conservation Gap Analysis of Magnolia, published in 2022, presents an in depth review of the vulnerability, threats, ex situ and in situ conservation of 336 Magnolia species. Using data from global databases such as BGCI’s PlantSearch and a survey of the global botanic garden and conservation community, this publication reports, for the first time, accession-level information on Magnolia species in ex situ collections and applies conservation gap analysis methodologies to identify species of conservation concern. Recommendations on focal species and activities are made. This gap analysis also includes 28 species profiles for selected threatened Magnolia species that summarize in situ and ex situ status and needs. This analysis aims to provide information to organizations working on Magnolia conservation by identifying on-going efforts and gaps in action and to guide next steps for collaborative conservation of the world’s Magnolia species.

Find the species profiles by region: Caribbean, Mexico & Central America, East Asia, South & Southeast Asia.

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Global Conservation Gap Analysis of Magnolia