GCC Interpretive Products – for Network Member Use and Distribution





The Global Conservation Consortia have developed two interpretation products – interpretation panels and species specific information sheets–that provide more high-level information about the consortia, highlighting the oak, magnolia and cycad consortia, specifically, and the metacollection concept. These products are available for viewing as pdfs and can be downloaded and printed if desired. If you have any questions about utilizing these materials, please contact one of the consortia coordinators (contact information copied below).

Amy Byrne (abyrne@mortonarb.org), Global Conservation Consortium for Oak Coordinator

Jean Linsky (jlinsky@atlantabg.org), Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia Coordinator

Vanessa Handley (vanessa@montgomerybotanical.org), Global Conservation Consortium for Cycad Coordinator

This work was made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (MG-245575-OMS-20).

Information Sheets
Interpretation Panels