South America Regional Meeting

24 August 2021


25 August 2021



Atlanta Botanical Garden, the South America steering committee members and BGCI hosted a South America regional meeting of the Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia on 25 August 2021. The objective of this meeting was to create synergies, highlight opportunities and provide knowledge for botanical gardens as well as botanical and research institutions in the region interested in the conservation of Magnolia species and to invite them to actively participate in the Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia.

Over 40 participants joined the meeting with interpretation in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Presentation topics included an introduction to the Global Conservation Consortia,  an update on Global Conservation Consortium for Magnolia activities, magnolias of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil and examples of ex situ and in situ projects in the region.  Thank you to our presenters: Dan Crowley, Marcela Serna González, Álvaro J. Pérez, Frank Arroyo, Patrick Cantuária, Duban Canal, Ana María Benavides, Fabio Arango and Mauricio Mazo. A list of threatened species in the region was discussed as well as ex situ species priorities in Ecuador and Colombia. The meeting recording is available below. Presentation slides are also viewable here. 

GCCM Introduction presentation - Jean Linsky
Magnolias of Colombia presentation - Marcela Serna
Magnolias of Ecuador presentation - Alvaro Perez
Magnolias of Peru presentation - Frank Arroyo
Magnolias of Brazil - Patrick Cantuária
Conservation actions in the Tropical Andes: safeguarding threatened tree species with local conservationists in Colombia - Dubán Canal, Ana María Benavides, Alejandro Arango
Proyecto: Salvando Magnolias - Mauricio Mazo