New Project ‘ Conserving Magnolia virolinensis, a critically endangered tree from Santander Province, Colombia’ funded by GCC Grant

Conserving Magnolia virolinensis, a critically endangered tree from Santander Province, Colombia Colombia is the country with most Magnolia species in South America (40). Many of these species have very small populations with restricted distribution located mainly in the Andean forests, a Critically Endangered ecosystem due to the high pressure for land use change and urban […]

New project ‘Conservation actions to protect Magnolia urraoensis, the tree of peace in Colombia’ funded by the Van Tienhoveen Foundation

For more information contact Ana Maria Benavides (  Our project is dedicated to conserving Magnolia urraoensis, a globally endangered species in Colombia. The species faces numerous challenges, including fragmented forests, limited distribution, and low population density. To address these issues, we have initiated a comprehensive recovery strategy that actively involves local communities. The project encompasses […]

Magnolias in Ecuador: improving ex situ plant conservation

The GCCM is excited to be part of a new project led by Chicago Botanic Garden and funded by Walder Foundation. The project, entitled ‘Improving ex situ plant conservation: scaling up zoo pedigree management approaches to critically rare plants in the Pacific’ will engage with communities and botanical gardens in six countries around the Pacific […]

Conservation and restoration of threatened <i>Nothofagus</i> species of South America

For centuries, Nothofagus forests in South America have suffered severe fragmentation and destruction from actions including land use change, over-exploitation, pests, fires and human-induced climate change. A crucial new project, funded by the Swiss-based Fondation Franklinia, targets the conservation, ecological restoration and capacity building to benefit the three threatened Nothofagus species native to South America: […]

Population recovery of three threatened <i>Magnolia</i> species in the “Alto de Ventana” region of Colombia

Corporación Salvamontes with Fundación South Pole have been awarded a grant from Fondation Franklinia for a project on restoration, in situ conservation and outreach for Magnolia guatapensis, M. polyhypsophylla and M. yarumalensis in Colombia. This project will work with local and international communities to ensure the recovery of the populations of these 3 threatened Magnolia […]