Exploring new ex situ conservation tools: Quantifying the conservation value of living collections & exchanging species propagation data

Ex situ collections management is no small task. Behind every addition, removal, and allotment of resources rests a suite of values – some explicitly outlined (for example, in a garden’s mission statement) and others subconsciously considered. The Morton Arboretum, with support from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (award #MA-30-18-0273-18), has been exploring this […]

Channel Island and California Native Oaks Workshop

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is hosting a Channel Island and California Native Oaks workshop. The workshop will take place on December 7th, 8th and 9th at San Diego Zoo. The first two days will be focused on discussing the Channel Island Oaks (Quercus cedrosensis, Q. dumosa, Q. pacifica, Q. tomentella) threats, current conservation/management work […]