Conserving threatened Rhododendron species

Pink flowered Rhododendron platypodum

Prioritizing survival of threatened species Mortality is not unusual in botanic gardens. It is an inevitable consequence of attempting to grow a great many different plants, often of wild origin and from across the world. Each species or even individual is unique in its ability to thrive given different soils, temperatures, rainfall, and seasonal variability. […]

Introducing the Global Conservation Consortium for <i>Nothofagus</i>

BGCI are pleased to announce the Global Conservation Consortium for Nothofagus, which will be led by Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden in West Sussex, UK. With more than 20 percent of Nothofagus species threatened with extinction in the wild, there exists an urgent need to co-ordinate efforts to efficiently and effectively safeguard these important species. […]