Safeguarding <i>Acer pentaphyllum</I> in <i>Ex Situ</i> Collections

A Global Rarity Acer pentaphyllum, or the five-leaf maple, is a large shrub or small tree endemic to southwestern Sichuan Province in China, where it has an extremely limited distribution consisting of four populations along the steep gorges of the Yalong River. The Red List of Acer: revised and extended, published in 2020, reports Acer […]

Global Conservation Consortium for Cycads Road Trip

As a follow up to the launch of the Global Conservation Consortium (GCC) for Cycads US Working Group earlier this year, Steering Committee members Vanessa Handley (Montgomery Botanical Center) and Tim Gregory (Wild Cycad Conservancy) were hosted for site visits by consortium participants across Southern California. These included all regional botanical gardens within the US […]