Species Identification Webinar for Priority Threatened, Native California Oaks

Please join us in an upcoming webinar hosted by California Native Plant Society, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and the Global Conservation Consortium for Oak (GCCO), taking place on October 6th from 12-2 pm Pacific Daylight Time. This webinar will feature presentations from several expert botanists, detailing how to best identify priority, threatened oaks, native […]

Oaks of the Californias’ Conservation Planning

In December 2021, with the support of an organizing team, Christy Powell (Horticulture Manager, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance) and Amy Byrne (Global Tree Conservation Coordinator, Oak Consortium, The Morton Arboretum) co-led a two-day conservation planning workshop, following the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Conservation Planning Specialist Group (CPSG) Principles and Steps. […]

Propagación de Encinos o Robles Prioritarios

El GCCO para la región de México y América Central invitan al primer Taller de  Capacitación para la Conservación de Encinos en la región, dirigido a aquellos Jardines Botánicos de América Central y sur de México interesados en conservar e incrementar sus colecciones de Quercus in situ y ex situ. Sede: Colegio Santo Tomás de […]

Quercus boyntonii Conservation Planning

Amy Byrne and numerous organizers co-led and facilitated a species conservation planning workshop for Quercus boyntonii, a Critically Endangered oak native to Alabama, and one of the 29 priority oak species the GCCO is focusing on in the US. This workshop was virtual and held over the course of three meetings. At the workshop, species threats […]