Consortium Lead

A single institution will be responsible for Consortium coordination, communication, and reporting at the global scale. The Consortium Lead:

  • Appoints an individual staff member to serve as Coordinator, main point of contact for the Consortium and Chair of the Consortium Steering Committee (CSC);
  • Operates on a 5-year term, renewable pending approval of BGCI and the CSC;
  • Coordinates Consortium activities, including research, conservation projects, and metacollections; tracks and reports such activities to BGCI, the CSC, and other stakeholders on an annual basis;
  • Recruits and coordinates the CSC, and facilitates Consortium communications in collaboration with BGCI’s GCC Manager;
  • Collaboratively makes decisions regarding strategies and priorities for the Consortium;
  • Maintains a master species checklist and defines priority regions for the Consortium and the CSC;
  • Coordinates meetings of the CSC and regional or local meetings of Consortium participants; communicates and plans in advance of meetings with the BGCI GCC Manager and other BGCI staff as appropriate;
  • May lead regional-level operations of the Consortium;
  • Serves as a Species Steward for one or more priority species;
  • Collaboratively leads and coordinates fundraising efforts for Consortium development, administration, and activities;
  • Includes BGCI and Consortium logos in published Consortium materials (e.g. webpages, newsletters, reports, posters and presentations)
  • Reviews and approves Consortium Affiliate use of GCC logos and branding for fundraising, advocacy, outreach, and promotional purposes; and
  • Promotes Consortium globally and advocates to policymakers, funders, the general public, and others as appropriate; tracks and reports such activities to BGCI, the CSC, and other stakeholders on an annual basis.