The first step for anyone keen to participate in a Consortium is to sign up as an Affiliate for each Consortium of interest. Additional roles (Species Stewards and Steering Committee Members) will then be invited in consultation with the Lead Institution for each Consortium. 

Consortium Affiliates may or may not be officially associated with a botanical institution, and do not hold a formal role in a Consortium. Affiliates commit to the Statement of Intent, receive communications about consortium activities, and may support, collaborate, or advise on any Consortium activities in coordination with the Consortium Steering Committee and/or Species Steward(s), including but not limited to:

  • Scouting or collecting trips;
  • Population monitoring;
  • Research;
  • Taxonomic work;
  • IUCN Red List assessment compilation or review;
  • Ex situ conservation projects (e.g. metacollection management and development);
  • In situ conservation projects (e.g. reintroduction, habitat management, invasive species removal);
  • Fundraising, advocacy, and outreach.

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