Ways to Participate

The Global Conservation Consortia aim to mobilise a coordinated network of institutions and experts to collaboratively develop and implement comprehensive conservation strategies for priority threatened plant groups. There are many ways to participate in the Global Conservation Consortia. 

Those who wish to join a consortium are required to agree to a Statement of Intent to be considered an Affiliate of a consortium and will be added to the consortium mailing list. Further commitment by individuals or institutions is required for Global Conservation Consortium Leads, Steering Committees, and/or Species Stewards.

Each Consortium operates within a shared structure, comprising:


Affiliates collaborate and contribute expertise in areas including taxonomy, research, technical and outreach.

Species Stewards

Species Stewards conserve priority threatened species, in situ and ex situ.

Steering Committees

Steering Committee members coordinate and support efforts within regional centres of diversity.

Consortium Leads

Consortium Lead institutions lead and catalyse conservation efforts wherever the target plant group occurs