About the Global Conservation Consortia

The Global Conservation Consortia aim to mobilise a coordinated network of institutions and experts to collaboratively develop and implement comprehensive conservation strategies for priority threatened plant groups.

Our Mission

To accelerate effective conservation of global plant diversity, BGCI is coordinating a suite of Global Conservation Consortia, which catalyse groups of institutions and experts to collaboratively develop and implement comprehensive strategies to prevent extinction of priority threatened plant groups. Primary objectives include coordinated in situ and ex situ conservation efforts and dissemination of species recovery knowledge.

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The programmatic objectives of the Global Conservation Consortia are to:

  • Foster new and existing network(s) of experts;
  • Identify species of greatest conservation concern and prioritize conservation action;
  • Ensure effective in situ species conservation;
  • Establish, expand and manage ex situ collections of high conservation value;
  • Foster applied research (e.g. conservation biology, ecology, horticulture, population genetics, taxonomy) to support species conservation;
  • Build capacity to empower and mobilise in-country partners in diversity centres and across species’ ranges;
  • Increase public awareness and engagement with species conservation issues; and
  • Collaboratively fundraise to scale-up conservation action.

The Global Conservation Consortia are collectively coordinated by BGCI.

BGCI collectively coordinates the Global Conservation Consortia through network development and support of consortia leadership, promotion of scientifically-informed best practices, facilitation of communication and data sharing, as well as provision of conservation prioritization support. BGCI also provides institutional recognition for consortia collaborators, advocates globally for consortia, and mobilizes conservation action through collaborative fundraising and provision of grant opportunities.

Our Consortia

Multi-sector consortia delivering integrated plant conservation on a global scale.

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