New project ‘Conservation actions to protect Magnolia urraoensis, the tree of peace in Colombia’ funded by the Van Tienhoveen Foundation


26 June 2023




For more information contact Ana Maria Benavides (

Our project is dedicated to conserving Magnolia urraoensis, a globally endangered species in Colombia. The species faces numerous challenges, including fragmented forests, limited distribution, and low population density. To address these issues, we have initiated a comprehensive recovery strategy that actively involves local communities.

The project encompasses several key objectives. First, we aim to conduct thorough surveys to gather essential data on the species’ demographics and assess its status. Additionally, we plan to reintroduce the species in suitable areas and develop a comprehensive recovery plan. To ensure the effectiveness of our efforts, we will also carry out an extinction risk assessment, providing valuable insights into the species conservation needs.

Our focus is on a fragmented region in Colombia, where we have recently discovered a new population of Magnolia urraoensis within a biological corridor. This exciting find has expanded our understanding of the species’ distribution and offers unique opportunities for its conservation. As part of our efforts, we will rescue seeds and seedlings from at-risk areas and facilitate their propagation in Medellin Botanical Garden nurseries.

To maximize our impact, we will share the recovery plan with local authorities, scholars and through various media channels, raising awareness and advocating for policy changes. Additionally, we will conduct educational workshops for local communities, empowering them with knowledge and fostering a sense of responsibility toward forest conservation. Furthermore, we will schedule meetings with environmental leaders to discuss the importance of protecting this species and its habitat.

Through our project, we expect to achieve significant outcomes. These include an updated conservation status for Magnolia urraoensis, the development of a robust recovery plan, active engagement, support from the local community, advocacy for policy changes, and heightened awareness through educational workshops. By directly impacting the lives of 150 children and young individuals in the Anza municipality, we hope to foster a new generation of environmental stewards who will play a crucial role in the long-term conservation of this species and its ecosystem.