Research needed to support species conservation

Call for papers: Systematics, natural history, and conservation of Erica (Ericaceae)

Conservation of species diversity is particularly challenging in large complex groups such as the flowering plant genus Erica. We urgently need to better understand, describe, and name species diversity, to enable accurate identification, and to understand the complexity of ecological interactions in the wild.


26 May 2023




Researchers working with GCC Erica are preparing a themed collection of papers under the title “Systematics, natural history, and conservation of Erica (Ericaceae)”, representing the latest insights and state of knowledge in inter-dependent topics including nomenclature, taxonomy, phylogeny, ecology, and ex situ conservation of Erica species.

Showcased in the Open Access, peer reviewed journal PhytoKeys, these papers will present a multi-disciplinary, maximally accessible resource aiming to aid and inform in the multifaceted challenge of conservation of Erica species in the face of the ongoing biodiversity crisis.

Our international group of guest editors listed in this news item from the journal will be considering submissions at least until the end of 2023. If you would be interested in contributing, or becoming involved in future research, please get in touch.

A sunbird visits the flowers of an Erica species
Photo: Sam McCarren