Steering Committee Member joins from New Caledonia


19 April 2023




We are delighted to welcome a new Steering Committee Member to the Global Conservation Consortium (GCC) for Nothofagus. Dr Fabian Carriconde is a Researcher in microbial and molecular ecology for Institut Agronomique néo-Calédonien (IAC) and has a specific interest in soil microorganisms – Nothofagus interactions. He is committed to progress research and conservation of Nothofagus in the territory and to collaborate in Nothofagus conservation at the global scale.

New Caledonia is a priority region for Nothofagus conservation, with five endemic species, four of which are of conservation concern (Threatened or Near Threatened according to the IUCN Red list). Common threats to these species include, fire, climate change and mining activity. Extant populations are often relatively small, fragmented, and limited to a small number of localities. In addition, The Conservation Gap Analysis for Nothofagus (due later in 2023) found very limited conservation activity associated with these species. For example, there are no known ex situ seed collections and only a single plant of New Caledonian Nothofagus in living collections globally.

Olivia Steed-Mundin and Jo Wenham, Wakehurst, RBG Kew (Coordinators for the GCC Nothofagus): We are extremely excited that Dr Fabian Carriconde has joined the GCC for Nothofagus as a Steering Committee Member. His expertise and enthusiasm for Nothofagus are invaluable and his commitment to the GCC is critical to create and implement a comprehensive conservation strategy for Nothofagus in New Caledonia. Working with Dr Carriconde really opens the possibility of delivering successful conservation initiatives in this priority region’.

Dr Fabian Carriconde, IAC, New Caledonia: ‘I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity of joining the Steering Committee of the GCC for Nothofagus and working with Olivia, Dan, Jo and Cristian and all other members that are involved, or will be involved in a near future. Nothofagus are incredible trees that can form astonishing monodominant formations harboring high plant and soil fungal diversity. This consortium will allow us to develop a conservation strategy for endangered Nothofagus species in New Caledonia, and will more broadly undeniably contribute to bringing this genus of primary interest to people all over the globe.’

Dan Crowley, Global Conservation Consortia Manager: ‘New Caledonia is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and given the urgent need of conservation actions for the native Nothofagus species it is wonderful to have Dr Carriconde join the GCC for Nothofagus as a Steering Committee Member. His enthusiasm and knowledge of New Caledonian Nothofagus forests has already been key in helping us develop the consortium in this region, and we look forward to continuing to work together to ensure that these ecologically significant species are effectively conserved.’    



Nothofagus aequilateralis: Fabian Carriconde