Oaks of the Californias Conservation Planning Workshop


28 January 2022



In December 2021, with the help of numerous organizers, Christy Powell and Amy Byrne co-led a two-day conservation planning workshop focused on several oaks of the Californias including: Quercus cedrosensis, Q dumosa, Q. pacifica, Q. parvula, and Q. tomentella, and began to develop a species action plan.  Q. engelmannii was not discussed at the workshop, but it will be included in the final species action plan. These are species of conservation concern and part of the 29 priority oak species that the GCCO is focusing on in the US region. This workshop followed the process and guidelines outlined by the IUCN Conservation Planning Specialist Group. At the workshop, the species’ threats were discussed in great detail, and then as a group we identified areas we think we could intervene as a group, and with additional partners, to mitigate threats that are impacting more than one of the target species. Following the workshop, there are species-specific working groups who will be meeting on a quarterly basis and larger group meetings to finalize the plan. Please review the workshop process document to learn more. If you are interested in becoming involved with the development of this plan, please email Amy Byrne.

Cover photo: Stacey Anderson

Oaks of the Californias Conservation Planning Workshop attendees. Photo credit: Amy Byrne