Population recovery of three threatened Magnolia species in the “Alto de Ventana” region of Colombia


20 September 2021




Corporación Salvamontes with Fundación South Pole have been awarded a grant from Fondation Franklinia for a project on restoration, in situ conservation and outreach for Magnolia guatapensis, M. polyhypsophylla and M. yarumalensis in Colombia. This project will work with local and international communities to ensure the recovery of the populations of these 3 threatened Magnolia species. 

The three focal species are all classified as threatened. Magnolia yarumalensis and M. guatapensis are assessed as Endangered and have faced direct pressure from logging for timber as well as habitat conversion for agriculture. M. polyhypsophylla is assessed as Critically Endangered and is found only in the Alto de Ventana region. These species are recognized under national law that recognizes Colombian threatened wild species. In acknowledging the need to protect the habitat of these species, improve information on their demography, ecology, phenology and propagation and to increase awareness and support for their conservation, the project partners have created a collaborative project. 

The project has three main objectives:
1) to conserve the habitat of these species through the expansion and management of protected areas,
2) to monitor phenology, collect seeds, propagate and reinforce the species populations and
3) to engage local and international communities in conservation through education and awareness raising campaigns.

Surveys to locate additional individuals of the species will be conducted and new circa-situ nurseries will be established to grow Magnolia seedlings for restoration. A national action plan for the conservation of Magnolia in Colombia will also be developed during the project, providing a guide for the actions for other species across the country. 

For more information about this project visit the Fondation Franklinia website here.

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Magnolia guatapensis. Photo credit: SalvaMontes